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Enter the Race

Arrangements have been made to make it easy to prepay your marina fees for City Marina through the Regatta Store. 

  1. Click to read the Notice of Race

    Reminder for serious spinnaker racers: In 2014 we introduced New Bacardi classes ...for Heavy Displacement boats and for Sport Boats. If you are a spinnaker racer, and not a cruising boat, and you don't know if your boat is a Heavy Displacement boat, check this helpful calculator to calculate your Displacement to Length Ratio. If you don't know if your boat is a Sport Boat, check out this definition from PHRF-GB. You will need to calculate your Sail Area to Displacement Ratio as well as your Displacement to Length Ratio

  2. Review the Special Equipment Requirements for your vessel:
  3. Review the following helpful information:
  4. Cruising sailors, review the Cruising Class Rules and the Cruising Handicap Database. 
    • Cruising Fleet Rules
    • If your boat raced in a previous Harvest Moon Regatta®, we may have calculated her rating for this year's regatta.  Check our database.  If your boat is in the database, verify that our information is correct and make a note of your rating.
    • Use the rating you located in our database to simplify your on-line entry process.
    • Please note, the Race Committee may assign you a different rating than in prior years.
  5. Stay tuned to enter the race online.
      During the registration process you will have the opportunity to provide your Spot shared or Delorme InReach tracking information, upload a boat photo and a handicap certificate if required; you will also be able to visit the Regatta Store to pre-pay City Marina fees, rent a Spot and purchase T shirts, wristbands and bus tickets.
    • Official Notice Board
    • Coming soon -- Registrant List (Reflects paid registrants only)
  6. Save your confirmation email.
    • After registering for the race you will receive a confirmation email from  It contains important links for editing your registration. Use the link in your Confirmation Email to return to edit your registration to add or delete crew from your crew list.  
  7. Provide your tracking information.
    • If you did not provide your InReach or SPOT tracking information during registration, you can also use your Confirmation Email to return to edit your registration to add the tracking information.  For either a SPOT or an InReach device, you will need a Shared Page link and the EIN ID number.  On a SPOT, the EIN number is found inside the battery compartment.
    • To reach this page, use the Edit Registration link from your Confirmation email, check Yes to agree to the waiver again and click Edit My Registration.  The Cell/SMS & Spot Data page will open.

    • A limited number of rentals are available in the Regatta Store. If you rent a SPOT through the Regatta Store your Shared Page link will be provided by the vendor.

    • Upload your boat picture and link it to your registration by checking the box marked "Attach this photo to my registration as my personal avatar." The Race Committee will use your photo to create your tracking website avatar.
    • To reach the document uploading feature and the tracking information page, go to the editing link in your confirmation email, open your registration, check "yes" to re-submit your registration, then click through the various pages to reach the " HMR/Cell & Spot Data"page (where you can paste your InReach Map share Page or SPOT shared page link and your unit's EIN number) and to reach the " Your registration has been received" page where you will find the Upload Documents feature. 
  8. Provide the required handicap information.
    • Cruising Fleet boats: use the link in your confirmation email to go to the handicap form if we have not previously rated your boat or if the information in our database is not correct.
    • Bacardi Racing Fleet Monohulls: The 2016 Bacardi Fleet will be ORC and must provide proper documentation. 
    • Multihulls: obtain a handicap rating from TOMA. For information contact Michael Zotzky - Cell: 832.656.4123 or email at
    • Bacardi Racing Fleet Monohulls and Multihulls:  if TOMA class rules require a signed certificate be on file with the race committee or if your monohull boat is not on the current ORC valid list, you can upload your handicap certificate via the link received in your confirmation email.
  9. Notify your crew members to submit their waivers online at Crew Waiver page
  10. Check the online Crew Waiver page to be sure that each crew member has submitted a waiver.
  11. If you are planning to dock or raft your boat at City Marina, be sure you have pre-paid your docking fees through the online store prior to the Skippers' Meeting
  12. Attend the Roundtable on September 10th at Lakewood Yacht Club for important safety advice.
  13. Attendance at the Roundtable is not required but highly encouraged.
  14. Attend the Skippers' Meeting on October 7th to pick up your Sailing Instructions. 
    • Skippers packets can be picked up beginning at 6:00 PM (to give sailors an opportunity to read the sailing instructions in case they have questions that need to be addressed at the Skippers' Meeting).
    • The formal meeting will begin at 7:00 PM.
  15. Be familiar with the  Sailing instructions.
  16. Refund Policy.
    • We will refund all but $1 of your Entry and Dock/Raft Fees if we receive your request to cancel your registration on or before the standard entry deadline. (This $1 fee goes to the online registration company to defray charge card fees incurred).
    • There will be no Entry Fee refunds after the standard entry deadline.
    • Dock/Raft Fees will be refunded to any boat who is unable to participate and is scored "Did Not Start" or "Did Not Compete" so long as the Race Committee has timely notice that the boat will not be going to Port Aransas for the regatta weekend.
  17. Have Questions?