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**Please Note:The answers to these frequently asked questions are intended to be informational only and are not part of the official documents governing the race.  Any conflict between the answers on this page and a rule as defined by the Racing Rules of Sailing will be resolved in favor of the rule.

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Are there going to be Manufacturers' Trophies this year?

Yes.  There will be several manufacturers' trophies this year.  The specific trophies and criteria often change after the Notice of Race is posted.  We will update the Web site with information about additional trophies later, or we will provide additional information in the Sailing Instructions.

Why is my Cruising Class rating different this year?

Cruising Class ratings are based on observed performance of that boat model.  When a boat model is brand new, there is no past performance on which to base a rating, so the initial rating may be something of a guess.  After a period of time, the rating may be changed to reflect performance that has been observed for a few years. Beginning in 2013, the non-spinnaker factor was recalculated to closely follow the PHRF-GB formula, so your cruising class rating should closely resemble the rating you would receive if you had a current PHRF-GB Certificate.

My boat has been around for years, but my rating changed.  Why?

If your boat model has been around a long time, a change in your rating is more likely because you provided different information this year….  For example, you may have added a folding propeller instead of a fixed propeller, or you may have a larger jib than you declared last year.   If you think that it may be a mistake and you have double-checked the information you provided to us, then email to get a clarification. 

Why is my rating different from another boat that is the same model as mine?

Ratings take into account several different items, like propeller type and sail size.  If your boat is absolutely identical to another boat, with the same sails, propeller, etc., then there may be a mistake in your rating.  In that instance, you should email so we can track down the discrepancy.

Why am I in a division with a boat that is much faster than mine?

We try to put similar boats together, but sometimes we have some orphans who don't fit anywhere.  If there is no clear rating band to place a boat, we will try to group boats with similar displacements or waterlines. 

Why can't I be in the same division with my friend?

If we know that boats want to race against each other, we can try to accommodate them.  If you come up with eight boats who want to race together, we can give you your own division, but you must notify us before the entry deadline. 

Is there a motoring allowance?

No.  This is a sail boat race.  In the past, the race started on Friday, and some motoring was allowed in case the winds were light and people were not able to finish in time to make it to the awards ceremony.  The race now starts on Thursday; motoring is not allowed, except for emergency purposes.  (Note: While you may disagree, the Race Committee does not consider getting to Port Aransas in time to party Friday night, to be an emergency!)   

Can I just sail down to party and not enter the race?

All available dockage at City Marina is reserved for registered regatta participants.  A number of power boats cruise down to Island Moorings for the festivities, so they may be willing to accommodate you.  However, if you are considering sailing down, why not enter the race?  Harvest Moon Regatta® is one of the best deals going, and the proceeds go to a good cause.  So sign up and join the fun… even if you are not a serious racer.

Can I reserve a slip with electricity? 

You may be able to reserve a slip with electricity at Island Moorings.  At party headquarters, the Port Aransas City Marina, no reservations are accepted.  All slips are assigned to regatta participants upon arrival; later arrivals will be required to "raft up." Electricity will not be available to all boats.

How is my Cruising Class rating determined?

The Race Committee will start with a base rating for your particular boat model, based on PHRF-rated sister ships.  We'll start with Galveston Bay sister ships if there are any.  If there are none, then we will look for sister ships in areas that have similar conditions, such as Lake Erie, Lake Michigan, and Long Island Sound.  If we cannot find a sister ship, we ask PHRF-GB for a recommendation. Once we have a base rating, we will make adjustments based on the information provided.

What adjustments are made to Cruising Class ratings?

The base rating assumes that you have a folding or feathering propeller, standard rigging, standard-sized sails, and a standard-sized spinnaker pole.  If any of those assumptions are incorrect, your rating will be adjusted. 

Is there a rating change if I don't use a spinnaker?

Yes, a non-spinnaker factor is added.

How is the non-spinnaker factor determined?

The factor is determined using this formula:


I don't have a feathering or folding propeller.  How will that affect my rating?

We will add six seconds for a two-bladed fixed propeller.  We will add nine seconds for a three-bladed fixed propeller.  We will subtract six seconds if you have an outboard motor.

I have a roller furling mainsail.  Will that change my rating?

We will add 12 seconds if you have a mast furling mainsail without vertical battens.  No adjustment is made if your mast furls inside the boom, and no adjustment is made for a roller furling jib.  

I don't have a standard-sized jib. How will that affect my rating?

We will add 3 seconds for a jib that is less than 140% of J.  We will subtract 3 seconds if your jib is more than 155% of J but not more than 165% of J.  We will subtract 6 seconds if your jib is larger than 165% of J.

J?  What is J?

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, so here is a picture:

I have a lot of added cruising equipment on my boat.  How will that affect my rating? 

It won't.  The simple PHRF rating system assumes a standard displacement for each model.  Optional cruising equipment such as air conditioners and generators is not included.    

On the on-line registration it asked for my sail number.  I entered H32, but somehow it got changed to A101.  Why?

If you entered a 32 foot Hunter sail boat in the race, and you said your sail number was H32, the Race Committee decided that your boat probably does not have a distinct sail number because H32 is a model mark indicating the boat was made by Hunter and is about 32 feet long.  Therefore, you were assigned a distinct number so that Race Committee can distinguish between your boat and another Hunter 32.   

My boat has two sails, a jib and a main.  Is "two" my sail number? 

Probably not.  That is how many sails you have, but it is not what we mean when we ask for your sail number.  When several boats cross the finish line within seconds of each other the Race Committee needs a quick way to note the finishing order.  It is easier to look at a large number on the head sail than to read a small name on the back or side of a boat.  Because of this, the Racing Rules of Sailing require boats to have a large unique sail number on every sail.  But the Harvest Moon Regatta® has a large number of cruisers who rarely race, so we do not require every participant to have sail numbers added to every sail.  If you don't have a number, you must carry a sign with your assigned sail number on it, and display that sign as you cross the finish line. 

Where is the cruising with spinnaker class? All I see is the poleless spinnaker class. 

In order to protect the cruisers for whom the Harvest Moon Regatta® was originally developed, the cruising spinnaker fleet is limited to poleless spinnakers; no symmetric spinnakers are allowed. 

I will be using a SPOT locator and want to share my track with the race committee, but I am having problems sending the race committee a link to my shared web page. 

We have put together a step by step picture guide to help you.  You will need to set up your SPOT account first, but if you have already done that, here is how to get the link that the race committee needs: How to Create a Shared Page.

My rating is 120. My neighbor’s rating is 132. How do I compare my progress next to his?

The difference between 132 and 120 is 12. That means you “owe” him 12 seconds for each mile of the race. HMR is scored using 150 miles as the distance. 12 seconds times 150 miles is 1800 seconds or 30 minutes.

[1800/60 = 30 minutes]

You must beat your neighbor by more than 30 minutes to come out ahead.