Seabrook, TX: Lakewood Yacht Club, Seabrook Texas, Harvest Moon Regatta® 2017

With the devastating effects of Hurricane Harvey becoming clear, the Harvest Moon Regatta® Committee has had to reevaluate the ability of LYC and Bay Access to hold the race and the ability of our friends in Port Aransas to host the finish and party. While LYC and Bay Access are in good shape and anxious for the race to proceed as scheduled dates, our good friends in Port Aransas, unfortunately, did not fare as well and will not be able to host the finish or party this year. Thus, the Harvest Moon Regatta® will be run as scheduled but we will start and end in Galveston with the post-race party held at LYC in Seabrook. To support Port Aransas, we will hold the race in conjunction with a fundraiser, the Hurricane Harvey/HMR Port Aransas Recovery Fund, to provide much-needed assistance to our friends there.

An Amended Notice of Race and Sailing Instructions will be published soon on the HMR website to accommodate a course starting and finishing in Galveston with courses appropriate for both racing and cruising boats. Here are some of the highlights:
We hope that the HMR racers will come out strong and enjoy the race and support our longtime friends in Port Aransas by donating to the Hurricane Harvey/HMR Port Aransas Recovery Fund.

Thank you for your support and look forward to seeing you at HMR 2017. Please check the website for further details
Questions should be addressed to 2017 HMR Race Chair Paul Dunphey at

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